Portfolio Management

Managing your financial assets to meet your objectives is our primary focus. We use a time-tested, value-oriented strategy to research new assets and apply the same discipline when selling assets.

You’ve earned and saved to create your personal wealth.

Now it’s time for your wealth to work for you.

At Hart Capital Management our focus is to manage your portfolio of financial assets, so you can enjoy the rewards of your hard work.

Proper portfolio management means:

  • Including the right asset classes and selecting the right securities with unbiased advice according to your objectives and risk tolerances, then adjusting the mix as warranted.
  • Regular communications with you to reflect any life changes and review portfolio performance.
  • Offering financial and retirement planning services to develop your financial roadmap.
  • Bringing you a dedicated team of professionals, starting with your relationship manager and including our Chief Investment Officer, research analysts, Certified Financial Planner, attorney, Certified Public Accountant, and client operations.
  • Quarterly webcasts prepared exclusively for Hart Capital Management clients with timely market and portfolio commentary.

If you have investable assets of $250,000 or more and want the team of Hart Capital Management professionals working for you, contact us see how the unique aspects of our philosophy and portfolio management strategy can serve you.

As a Hart Capital Management client, know that our fiduciary responsibility of managing your portfolio is our primary focus.

Equity Investment Process

Diligent investing is a team process. At Hart Capital Management we generally take long positions in undervalued companies that exhibit intermediate and long-term appreciation potential. This strategy allows us to navigate quarterly earnings volatility while remaining focused on companies with disproportional upside potential.

Each investment decision begins with a bottoms-up quantitative analysis of the company’s fundamentals relative to the entire market that includes but is not limited to:

  • Complete assessment of historical valuation models and financial statements
  • Consideration of geopolitical risk, industry trends and market sentiments
  • Company merger and acquisition activity and management stewardship
  • Insider and institutional ownership along with transaction history
  • Environmental, social, and governance trends are reviewed, as well as sell-side reports

Utilizing the above information and data points, analysts build proprietary models and present company research to the investment committee.

From initiation to recommendation, the team consolidates a broad array of quantitative and qualitative information into a straightforward decision. We take a similar comprehensive approach to all sell decisions.

Fixed Income Investment Process

Selecting fixed income investments isn’t as straight forward as simply deciding on income yield that we want our clients to earn on their portfolios and walking away. It requires constant monitoring of credit cycles, macro-economic trends, Federal Reserve policy, domestic and foreign sovereign market movements, tax-rate policy and increasingly geo-political activities. Each of these variables can cause a shift in returns and impact the risk of the portfolio.

At Hart Capital Management, we use the following methodology to craft our fixed income portfolio:

  • Target a fixed income asset’s time frame (duration) to optimize the risk profile of the portfolio
  • Determine which fixed income assets will perform best in the current market environment
  • Utilize fixed income funds to reduce the credit risk of individual bonds and select the funds with the best in class managers in each asset class
  • Allocate the percentage of each asset to the portfolio and continually monitor for changes
  • Allocate and purchase the lowest cost funds available
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