Educational Funding

Funding education is a worthwhile investment for your family but can be complex and costly. We will work with you to identify the program and funding strategy that will fit your situation and will assist your family members with the high costs of primary or secondary education.

You’ve seen the benefits that an education can provide,
both as the foundation for a career and in general knowledge.

Now you ask, how can you help the next generation offset the high costs of an education?

The best advice we can offer is to start saving as early as possible. Then we can help you decide what type of account is best suited to your and the beneficiary’s needs and define a funding schedule that will work toward meeting rising education costs.

Things we will help you understand are:

  • Tax implications for you and beneficiary.
  • Types of account to consider, such as a state-sponsored 529.
  • Any limitations or exclusions.
  • Disposition of unused funds.
  • Integrate funding plans with your financial and/or retirement plans.

As a Hart Capital Management client, helping you navigate educational funding is one of the added services that we offer.

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