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A key benefit for you and your company’s employees is a robust retirement plan. We will help you evaluate what type of plan is appropriate and manage the assets according to the plan’s objectives.

You’ve built or managed a successful business.

Now you want to help everyone in the company with their retirement planning.

There are many different plans and funding questions to consider in order to match employer and employee objectives.

At Hart Capital Management, we offer the following services to make sure your plan is suited to the company’s and employees’ needs:

  • Evaluation of profit sharing and 401(k) arrangements and pension plans.
  • Employee education regarding sponsored retirement programs.
  • Review investment alternatives of sponsored plans.
  • Investment management for pension and profit sharing plans.
  • Assistance for executive stock option exercise and restricted stock vesting.

As a Hart Capital Management client, managing company retirement plans is a part of the value-add services that we offer.

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